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Back in the year 1940, an ordinary man while experimenting in his kitchen cooked a dish which was deeply appreciated by his family and friends. This man was none other than our beloved founder Mr. Babu Hari Gawad and the recipe was none other than "Chicken Bhujing" .With the hope of giving all the food lovers a taste of this new invention he opened a small food joint. Which was further expanded by his son Mr.Sudhakar Babu Gawad. This newly born mouth watering invention soon found its way into the food indutry as an appetizer as well as main course meal. Over the period of time it evolved into many different forms.

What is 'bhujing'


Bhujing is a process of roasting chicken with potatoes on charcoal and then mixing it with flattened rice(poha) and a magical masala which is made only by us.

The word 'bhujing' comes from marathi word 'bhujne' which means roasting. The word 'bhujne' got converted to 'bhujing' due to the british influence.

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  • Upesh Baria
    Upesh Baria.
    Owner of M. BARIA builders & developers.

    "A Indian delicacy since decades. Lip smacking, yummiest and aromatic Spicy Indian rice flakes with roasted chicken.”

  • Hardik Patil
    Hardik Patil.
    IRONMAN triathlon finisher, INDIA.

    “It is a unique dish. Roasted chicken with poha,onion,& potatoes. No one can eat just once. You will have to come again and again.”

  • Nilesh Limaye
    Nilesh Limaye.
    Master chef india.

    "A fabulous mixture of authentic  indian spices. A quality, texture,  standard, taste great?”

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