Mr.Sudhakar Babu Gawad

Back in the year 1940, our grand father, Mr.Babu Gawad used to sell 'tadi', there a customer was demanding an extraordinary starter with tadi. So while experimenting in his kitchen he cooked a dish which was deeply appreciated by his family and friends. This is the origin of Bhujing.

At that time this was not a business but after this discovery our father Mr.Sudhakar Babu Gawad started a food joint and with his severe hardwork and dedication to maintaining quality, Bhujing became very popular.

Awards and Recognitions

Agashi bhushan Puraskar

Agashi Bhushan Puraskar

Chef Nilesh

Chef Nilesh Limaye

    Bhujing became so popular that food enthusiasts think about "Bhujing" whenever anyone speaks about Vasai Virar

    From normal people to big politicians like Mr.Sharad Pawar, businessman's, even cricketers like Mr.Sachin Tendulkar, almost everyone is fan of Bhujing.

    As 'petha' is for Agra, 'bhujing' is for Virar.

    Due to our popularity, Nilesh Limaye, a well renowned chef, visited our shop to discover our mouth-watering dishes.

    Our food joint has also been noticed by media and has been featured in many TV shows.

    We also received trademark last year.

    Mi Agaskar Foundation gave us award "Agashi Bhushan"

Agashi Bhujing Center

Phone: +91-888 819 9009

Shop No 3,4, Shrutika Apartment, Agashi Bhandarwada, Virar (W), Mumbai-401301

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